Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hiccup in the works

I took my newly completed ebike down to my LBS to inflate the tires. You're probably asking why I have to do that?!?! :-)

The rear rim has a very deep V profile. The air valve doesn't protrude enough out of the rim for a normal bike pump nozzle to fit. The LBS has an air pump with a very shallow nozzle. I can get air in with that.

Anyway, I did that and had a very nice discussion with a man in the parking lot for a few minutes. On the way back home, I was going along at a good clip and hit a bump in the sidewalk. I immediately lost power! I looked down at the DrainBrain battery meter and saw that I had "Low Voltage." I stopped and tried wiggling the connectors thinking there was an intermittent open circuit, but couldn't find one. I rode it back home and found that the battery was not right. It was only showing 33.6V when it should be around 40V.


I've contacted V.Power.HK and they have responded by having me check the BMS to see what the individual cell groups are showing...

In the meantime, I have ordered a "backup" 36V SLA (sealed lead acid) system from Jason at I just couldn't be without my ride for that long. The SLAs are 24 lbs and have 12AH of power. That should be enough to get me to work and home again comfortably.

More later.

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