Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Making some new 16Ah packs for a neighbor's Tidalforce bikes

A neighbor who I've known for a couple of years asked me to make some auxiliary packs for him to use with 3 of his 6 TF bikes. He ordered all the parts needed to make the packs and I picked them up from him.

It's a good thing he did because the site where he bought the packs sold out fairly quickly.

Here are some pics of the raw cells and some pics of them partially assembled before the cases and connectors were fully completed. pardon my messy and overcrowded workbench.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Universal Car Battery Terminal Clamp Clips

I need to acquire a good sized sealed lead-acid battery (12V car battery) in order to use the new KaeptnBalu Arduino based battery tab welder.

However, the battery leads that came with the welder have relatively small openings to attach them to the terminals on a normal car battery. In KaeptnBalu's video of how he builds the welder, I noticed that he had adapters on his battery terminals which allowed the use of the smaller openings of his welding tips. I did a quick look on Amazon and saw what I think are the exact same adapters!

They are extremely inexpensive and ship for free!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kaeptnbalu's Arduino based battery welder arrived!

I've been wanting an inexpensive yet versatile battery welder for a while now and this sure seems to fill the bill. All that is needed is a solid 12V battery, usually a sealed lead acid (SLA) car battery and a pedal foot switch. I have a electric piano pedal that should work with a slight modification. I need to pick up a SLA somewhere. Oh, I also need a 5V microUSB power brick (used for most mobile phones these days).

The build quality is quite solid and professional and the included welding tips and the heavy duty heat sink bar are also much appreciated. Well done, Kaeptnbalu!

Can't wait to put it to work.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Arduino Battery Welder for sale!

Selling a DIY Arduino Battery Welder PCB Set...

I bought a printed circuit board set to make an Arduino based battery welder, however, the completed and tested system became available and so I've decided to buy the assembled system. Now I have a PCB set to sell.

See the listing here:

Here's the text...

I purchased this Arduino based battery spot welder PCB set and then opted for the fully built unit. With some fairly inexpensive components and some soldering and assembly skills, you can make this into a battery spot welder for low $$$. I paid $6+1.70 for shipping. It's still in the original packaging and I'll let it go for $7.00 shipped to the continental USA.

Where I bought it from:

KaeptnBalu's github page with all of the parts list and assembly drawings.

Instructables page;

Another website featuring this board:

This is what it will look like assembled.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Black Tidalforce iOX cruiser

I've somewhat attached my newly minted 36V 16Ah to my Tidalforce iOX 1000W electric bike. It runs beautifully and provides tons of sag-free power.I need to do a final fitting of the water bottle mount to the battery and she'll be ready to go!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Completed the 12S 10Ah battery

I thought I'd try something a bit different to see what would happen.

A typical replacement battery for my beloved Tidalforce bikes is a 36V 10Ah battery of some sort. I've tried sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries,power tool batteries (Bosch FatPacks), LiFEPO4 packs, and Ping packs ( All of which have their pluses and minuses.

Of course, my favorite as of right now are LiPO packs made from Turnigy Multistar cells. They are extremely compact, relatively light weight, and fairly inexpensive. They come in easy to configure package configurations and put out more than enough current to drive my favorite electric bike.

This configuration is a 12S (45.6V) 10Ah pack that is quite slim. The voltage is right about the maximum that the Tidalforce system will tolerate. Anything higher and the system will go into overvoltage protection (OVP) and shut down until the voltage drops below OVP. One solution is to not chage it up to its maximum voltage, which has the added bonus of extending battery life.

Anyway, here are some photos. I plan on mounting it to my bike's water bottle mounts this weekend and test ride it to see how it does.

I had some coroplast around so thought I'd make a sort of protective padding for the battery to see how well it works/lasts.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Another set of batteries for my Tidalforce electric bikes

The weather has finally warmed up here in the Washington, DC area and I've put together a couple of new batteries. This time they're a bit different.

The one on the left is a 36V 16Ah battery made from Turnigy Multistar packs. One is a 6S and the other is a 4S. Combined in series, they make a 10S or 36V pack. Perfect for the Tidalforce system.

The one on the right is a 12S 10Ah battery also made from Turnigy Multistar packs. This time it's 3x 4S 10Ah packs in series for a total of 12S 10Ah. The 12S has a higher max voltage than the stock Tidalforce motor will handle but if the battery isn't fully charged, then it should work. By not fully charging the battery and being careful with how far the battery is drained, the battery should have a longer life than one that is charged to its max voltage.

As you can see, I've not connected them in series and haven't added the Delphi Metripack connectors yet. More photos when I'm done. The 10S 16Ah will probably go on the TF iOX and the 12S 10Ah will go on my TF S-750C (for Crystalyte).

 (click on the image for a larger view)
 (click on the image for a larger view)