Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Handlebar Arrangement

I finally installed the Ergon GP1-L grips on my bike. I took a small saw to the grips so that I could fit them onto my very crowded handlebar ends and still have them clamp on via the screws on the end of the grips.

Here's the right side. Starting from the right, you can see the Ergon grip cut down, then the grip shifter, the throttle, the brake lever with the e-brake cutoff wire, then the three-speed switch, then the Magicshine P7 headlight and finally the Large Screen Cycle Analyst. It's very crowded!

On the left side: Starting with a very dirty Mirrycle mirror, the Ergon grip, the rear derailleur grip shifter, the broken compass bell (I need to replace this), the other Magicshine P7 headlight, and you can just see the handlebar camera mount behind the Large Screen Cycle Analyst. I use it to mount my Canon G7 point and shoot camera.

Here's the big picture. The LSCA looks really cock-eyed. I need to straighten it out!

More later!


  1. Hi i want to buy ergon grips. But I am unsure of the length. And then I saw your post and it seems you cut away parts of the ergon grip. I am also using dual twist shifters. 8.5cm/85mm from gear to the bar ends.
    So I am not sure if any ergon grips can fit. In any case, I just want to ask how long is the handle bar in the photo?

  2. They sell "shift" variants of the Ergon grips that are shorter to work with these shifters better