Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ride home from Dr. Glassers office

I rode my ebike down to Dr. Glasser's office to pick up my new contacts and vidoed the trip back. I forgot to clear out the memory so ran out of room on the way down so I only have the return leg. I had my usual power interruption after going over a big bump. I have to tie my connectors together or replace them with new ones that don't separate so easily. I also ran out of juice close to home so had to baby the throttle. I didn't have enough to ride up the last hill so had to walk that. Pedaling the ebike on human power alone is an unpleasant task!

This is the last video taken with my GoPro HD Hero. I hope to have the Hero2 by the end of the month...

Here's the a snapshot of the route I tracked with the WinPlus Beacon GPS Tracker I got on

Click here to see it in Google Maps.
More later,

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