Monday, July 29, 2013

Attempt at taking apart motor and battery...

I took a shot at taking apart the motor and battery last night...

It's the first time that I've attempted opening a hub motor of any sort and realized that it isn't easy. First of all, the motor is essentially and fundamentally, a very powerful magnet. Unlike a regular motor, which has the axle as the rotor and the wheel as the stator, a hub motor wheel section is the rotor and the axle section is the stator.

I tried to pry it open the motor with some minimal tools (a couple of chisels and a small screwdriver) and that failed miserably. The magnets inside hold the motor together very tightly. I'll need to pick up a 3 jaw puller to separate the windings from the casing.

 The challenge: Opening this motor.

 I was able to unscrew all the screws and get it open enough to slip in some tie-wraps to keep it open.

 Wider view

 I then used two chisels to try to pry it open without any luck.

I was able to pry it open a bit but then realised the case was held together with a circlip.

 I then tried to open the hub battery and ran into a different issue. I need a circlip remover to open the front battery hub. I only had a pair of needle nose pliers...

I'll order or pick up the tools and try again...

More later,
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