Monday, August 19, 2013

A123 Nanophosphate® AMP20M1HD-A cells with compression end panels.

I took the A123 end panels I received a few days ago and stacked 12 A123 20Ah cells between the two ends to see how thick they would end up. The pack will be a 43.8V max pack with 20Ah of capacity. I don't plan on using a BMS and will just monitor the pack with Cell-Logs and use a Hyperion balance charger.

The 12 A123 pouch cells by themselves are just about 4 inches tall. With the end compression panels, the pack is almost 6" tall!

You can see the rounded slots for the tension bands to wrap around the entire package. The recommended compression pressure is quite high so specialized tools will be needed to do the banding.

Here's a ruler against the pack. It's about 5.75" tall. Each end panel is just about 1" thick and each is quite hefty.

I'll do more measurements of the dimensions and weight later.


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