Monday, June 16, 2014

Tidalforce iOX front disc brake upgrade

Since the black Tidalforce iOX Cruiser's front battery hub is dead, I thought I'd swap out the front wheel with a disc wheel with the Schwalbe Big Apple tires while I fix the front hub battery. Since the wheel does not have a caliper brake rim, I had to install front disc brakes on the iOX. It wasn't difficult. I had to go to my local bike shop to get a brake cable cut to length but that's all that was required. The wheel already had a 203mm disc rotor installed. I used the appropriate adapter for the Avid BB7 disc brakes and the bike was upgraded in no time.

I like the look of the iOX with the new wheel. It looks sleeker and lighter.


  1. These versions of the WC Tidalforce bikes are nice….I've installed white walls and stumpy '50's style f/r fenders, a 53t front Truvativ crankset, a 26" shimano dyno 180mm disc front wheel, Avid BB7 calibers, a planet bike LED 6v/3watt front light, and a 9" black mirror to one of my IO cruisers.

    Give me an email address and I'll forward you some photo's. An exchange of ideas is good, right? :-)


  2. Hey Ambrose….did you receive photos? I have others too.