Monday, September 29, 2014

Went for a ride this weekend

The weather was warm but cooler in the late afternoon so I went for a nice ride.

The motor on this Tidalforce M-750X recently came back from an upgrade at LEVT in Pocatello, ID. It works beautifully.

M-750X with upgraded disk brakes and Bosch Fat Pack batteries in the trunk bag.

M-750 folded without wheels or batteries.

Here's the video of my ride. Come along! Be sure to zoom up to full screen view. The camera was rattling inside the case and my battery pack wasn't secured on the rear rack very well so it rattled as well. However, it rode very nicely and as usual, very quietly. There are deer on this video as well as the Tidalforce bikes are so incredibly quiet that deer don't seem to be bothered by it even though I'm within a few feet of them. The buck didn't move an inch.

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