Monday, March 9, 2015 BAC500 FOC controller with Crystalyte HS3540 motor

I put together my new BAC500 controller with my old Crystalyte HS3540 motor to see how it would work. The HS3540 is sensorless since it was damaged from the original owner.

The BAC500 ran the motor beautifully. It didn't turn the motor backwards for a second very often as is common with the Crystalyte sensorless controller. It also made the motor sound very much like a Tidalforce motor! I love the size of the controller which is quite tiny and is slightly wider than a seat post!

Here's a quick video of the setup on my rec room floor. I'm running the setup on a Bosch Fat Pack 37V pack that is half discharged...

I'm very pleased so far...

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