Monday, August 14, 2017

Nearly done with Tidalforce S-750X battery and wheel upgrade

Well, I spent last night finishing up the upgrade to Rick's S-750X bike.

I replaced the front brakes with an Avid BB7 disc brake. I mounted the Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst and ran the wires back to the mount the shunt before the motor/controller. I stuffed the Turnigy Multistar battery into the Topeak MTX bag. Ran the power to the connector on the CA shunt and powered everything up. It all went together like a charm. I was able to take it for a 10 mile ride and hit a top speed of 30MPH! The bike felt great!

Here's all the tie wraps used to snug everything down to the frame and the chainstay. It looks much better when it's cleaned up!

Here's the rear quarter view of the bike before the Cycle Analyst shunt installation.


  1. Hi i have tidalforce io cruiser but the battery is broken what i can do ??

    1. Radwane, Sorry I didn't see this sooner! You can replace the front hub battery with another appropriate 3rd party battery if you install a jumper in the console.

  2. I also have an M-750X that's just sitting and would like to get it back on the road with one of the non-hub battery installations, and also like the idea of a disc brake for a bike that will go upwards of 25 mph.

    How do we get parts lists and is a "board mod" required to have a "B=battery" pack installation? Seems like I recall something on the web about the "A" to "B" battery conversion.

  3. Bill, It's fairly straightforward to purchase a 3rd party 37V battery and install it. You need to install a jumper in the console. Then, you can replace the dead front hub with a regular 26" wheel and upgrade to disc brakes at the same time. It's a very worthwhile upgrade. The M-750X is the perfect bike for this since the battery would sit on the water bottle mounts and keep the center of gravity low for this bike. I've upgraded many M's and I love the ride and feel of the bike with the new battery. New batteries really give the TF bikes some nice pep and the top speed is closer to 30 (28-29mph) after the upgrade.

  4. Bill and Radwane, I'm working on building a couple of 16Ah and 20Ah packs right now. Let me know if I can build one for you. Contact me at

    ambroseliao at gmail dot com