Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Tidalforce M-750 project

Well, it’s Spring and I need a new project. I have had this M-750 frame in storage for many years. I bought the frame from a former employee of EMS when they went out of business. They had some left over frames from Wavecrest Labs when they went under. I bought a couple from him and kept this one.

I have a new job in downtown Washington DC and the Tidalforce M would be a great commuter bike. I have a new battery and plenty of parts to put this together. So here goes!

This is pretty much the way the frame came to me. I added the double kickstand and wired up the console and cabling. I also mounted brakes but I plan on changing the front V-brakes to disc brakes.


  1. Hello Ambrose,
    I would like to ask you how to add a battery using the B side terminal. I have a TF 750X where the front battery went dead. I have removed the battery cells from the housing to lighten the weight of the wheel. I understand you use a bridge wire in the controller on the B circuit but who did you wire the new battery to the system.Can't see clear enough pictures from other articles you wrote. Also should I order a 36 volt battery or does it need to be a custom battery. (IE. 42 volt) I love the bike and want to get it back on the road. Thanks for your in advance.
    Scott Atkin
    Sunny Scottsdale,AZ

  2. Hi Scott. You don't need to use the B-side terminal at all. Just put in the bridge wire jumper and then wire the new battery directly to the motor power connector. I always replace the front wheel with a standard 26" disc brake wheel and then mount a disc brake on the fork and a disc on the wheel. The battery needs to be a high output 36V nominally rated battery. That means it should be 42V fully charged and 30V fully discharged. It should output at least 30A since the motor needs that to reach full power. (1000W/36V = 27.777A) I remove all of the excess wires going from the front hub to the rear B terminal. I also remove the wires going from the front hub to the console. This eliminates a bunch of wires which makes it a much cleaner look. Any other questions, please email me directly at ambroseliao@ g m a i l . c o m (remove spaces! LOL)