Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bosch BC-830 Charger

Since I have such a large collection of Bosch Fat Pack batteries on hand, I thought it would be wise to pick up a Bosch charger. The model that I saw on eBay is called a Bosch BC-830 charger. They can be bought for $55 with shipping additional if you want to "Buy It Now." However, if you are willing to bid on one, you can get them for less. I paid $41 with shipping for this one.

They are surprisingly large. Easily looking like a little boombox. I will be opening one up so that I can attach some heavy duty cables and adding a couple of Anderson Powerpole connectors so that I can use it with my assembled pack.

The BC-830 charger along side a disassembled Bosch Fat Pack 37V.

The battery connector part of the BC-830 charger.

Here's the LED indicators on the BC-830 charger.

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