Thursday, December 23, 2010

Versatile charger

Having bought a lot of salvaged 18650VT and 18650V cells from Doctorbass on, I needed a way to charge them individually so that I could then gang charge them as a pack. I didn't have an inexpensive way to do this so I looked around the web for one. I spotted this compact and relatively inexpensive unit on

It purportedly charges all of these types of batteries: 16340, 14500, 18650, 17670,  9V, AA, AAA, D Ni-MH, Lithium, Ni-Cd Batteries and Others.

Here's the back view.

The front view.

Here's a shot of all the cell types that the charger supports.

It's not very powerful so it takes a while to charge a low cell, but I have more time than anything right now!

More as I find out if it really works or not!


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