Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tidalforce 1KW X Motor Mounted!

I mounted the bare Tidalforce 1000W X motor into a new Alexrims DM-18 36 hole double walled mountain bike rim last night. I had to buy a new rim since the one I got from California had some semi-serious dents in it which made the rim non-true. I didn't want to risk a high power motor like this one in a less-than-perfect rim. It was worth the $19 + shipping. The all black look suits the motor beautifully. I may need to get an all black rim for the front to match it! This is destined for the M-750 frame which is the next project bike.

Power side.

Freewheel side.

It was surprisingly easy to do. Just start with one spoke. Insert the spoke through the rim. Install the nipple by hand part way and then move on to the next one. Once you've got all of the nipples installed, then gradually tighten them down first with a screwdriver through the rim side (the nipple has a slot cut into the top for a screw driver). After that, then use a spoke wrench to tighten up the spokes until they all "ping" about the same pitch. I haven't trued it yet. I hope to do that tonight and actually mount some rim tape, a tube, and the tire onto the rim.

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