Friday, August 31, 2012

Tidalforce bikes and deer...

I went for a quick ride on my red Tidalforce S-750X last night. It was a lovely evening and I rode through Rock Creek Park by my house and ended up going through the Audobon Naturalist Society's Woodend sanctuary. As I was near the mansion, there were 3 deer (mom and 2 fawns) on the grounds. As I approached them within 10 feet on my silent Tidalforce bike, they looked up but were completely unphased by me on my bike! It's really thrilling to get so close to these beautiful animals. I know some folks find them a nuisance but I find them quite charming and elegant.

A thought occurred to me. Does this happen to other folks on other electric bikes? Does the Optibike or other noisier bikes have this ability to approach deer without frightening them away?

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