Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Unboxing" the Tidalforce M-750 Frame

I realized that it has been many months since I bought the M-750 and so decided to finally "unbox" it last night. Here are some shots of it. I'll put on the front battery and motor after I try it as a bike first.

The bike as it came to me. All wrapped up in it's protective paper and foam wrapping.

Here's one end of the handlebar tie wrapped with foam.

Here's the other end of the handlebar.

The rear derailleur and front caliper brakes.

The front crank.

The cushy seat.

The stem.

The M-750 label under cover. You can see the red swirly Wavecrest logo and the cable stays.

The front Tektro brakes.

The messy loose brake and shifter cables.

The bike folded.

The front fork.

All the wrapping after removal.


More later,

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