Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures of cleaned up wiring

I spent some time a couple of weeks ago tidying up the wiring on the front of my bike. All of the wires going from the handlebar to various places were getting out of hand! I removed the 3 speed switch since I wasn't using it and I didn't think I would get to it any time soon.

Here are the pics. All of the wires now travel through the frame and tied down with Velcro strips through the couple of Zip tie holders built into the frame. I trimmed the Velcro strips down with scissors so that the strip could fit through the tiny rectangular hole...

Front of bike. 

Angled view of cleaned up cables 

Bundled cables all go through the frame now! 

The wires come out of the rear hole very close to the controller. 

I still need to clean up the controller. I'm beginning to dislike Gorilla tape. It's too easy to use, but it can leave a very difficult to remove sticky goop after a while... I also would like to change the case on the controller. The natural aluminum finish just doesn't work with my bike's color scheme. Nothing else on the bike is that color!

More later,

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