Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long ride yesterday!

I decided to play hookie on Wednesday the 15th to go downtown to have lunch with some of my old co-workers at USCIS. I didn't give my Bosch Fat Pack batteries a topping off since they hold their charge very well. I took off without my GoPro HD since I wanted to not have to futz with it in DC and I wanted to focus on enjoying my time with my old friends. I went over 20 miles on my pack which is the longest I've ever ridden. It still had lots of volts at the end of the ride so I probably could have gone another 5 miles easily without draining the pack. The pack started out at 82.1V and ended at 69.9V. I've ridden until the voltage read 63V before the low voltage cutoff started kicking in (stuttering) so I knew I had lots of headroom.

My Large Screen Cycle Analyst isn't working 100% so the amperage is way off. Here's the route I took. The green pin is the starting and ending points. is a fun website for keeping track of your rides including distances ridden and elevation traversed.

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