Friday, July 15, 2011

Off-Topic - Google + (Plus) Invites

Sorry for the off-topic posting, however, I've been able to get a Google + account and want to pass along my good fortune to others who may want one. Just send an email to my Gmail account here:

ambroseliao at gmail dot com

Of course, remove all the spaces, replace the "at" with an "@" and replace the "dot" with a "."

If you don't know what Google + Plus is, it's the new social networking site that's a direct competitor to Facebook. It is a bit more open and seems to be a bit more secure than FB as well as being more capable and infinitely less burdened with ads, "pokes" and other fluff.

I'll try to get the invite out to you as quickly as possible.

One note:After giving out invites for a day or two, I've found that Gmail and Yahoo email accounts get an invite almost immediately and others either are delay or don't get them at all...

Keep that in mind when you send me the request.


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