Monday, July 18, 2011

Flat tire!

I came back from last week's ride with no issues. My daughters and I went for a long ride around the neighborhood. It was very hot, but the bike worked perfectly. I went down to get the bike this weekend and found the back tire flat! This is only the 2nd flat I've had since owning the bike.

I took the wheel off the bike and removed the tire and tube and couldn't find an obvious leak. I don't know what to make of it. Was it caused by the heat? Did I suffer a very small puncture which isn't obvious unless I do a long leak test by putting the tube under water for a while?

I didn't wait and just tossed the tube. I did discover to my surprise that I never put in a puncture resistant tire liner between the tire and tube so that did not help. I found another tube and put that and a liner in and have reinflated the tire. Time will tell if this setup will hold up.

It's too bad it happened now before Doctorbass' torque arms showed up since the bike was all set for them when I had to take off the tire!

More later,

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