Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Meetup Today

I invited Skippic and Opimax from the Endless-Sphere forums over to the house this morning to chat about ebikes. They are both in the market in the next year or so to go electric.

Skippic rode a gorgeous DH bike, a Sette Vexx in black that looks just perfect for a conversion to a Stealth clone. It has a long wheelbase and was fully suspended with an oil filled rear shock assembly and a long travel double-mount front fork. I kept drooling over that bike!

Opimax just loves to bike at a leisurely pace, but wants to go 40-80 miles on one charge! That's a tall order for an off-the-shelf bike with upgradable components. I suggested the Pedego Interceptor since it can handle a double stack of batteries and should provide the range he's looking for, but he wasn't sure he wanted to ride a cruiser style bike. His biggest concern was buying something without trying it first. I recommended that he visit "the Green Commuter" in Takoma Park since they have a large selection of ebikes.

All-in-all, a fun way to spend the morning.

More later,

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