Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bad News on the A123 20AH Prismatic 7S3P Packs

Some folks have finally received the highly anticipated 7S3P made with the A123 20 AH prismatic cells and have detailed pictures on

HumboldtRc received a couple of them and they have some major issues for folks interested in taking them apart to harvest the individual cells. First off, the tabs have been severely trimmed to about 1/8"! Second, they are welded to each other and so harvesting them will require removing these welds or cutting the metal that connects the tabs which is also challenging without damaging the individual cells. Third, they don't seem to be brand new cells. They look as if they're pulls from pre-built units, perhaps cars and then resold. Fourth, they are not consistent. The two that HumboldtRc received are constructed differently with different color insulators. Who knows what else is different about them!

Here's the video he made of them.

Here's the thread of photos of his packs.

Looks like I'm heading more in the individual cell route now... Sigh.

More later,

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