Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pics of the Tidalforce S-750 with a Cycle Analyst installed

I had some free time on Sunday morning to work on the bike so I installed a Grin Technologies Cycle Analyst V2.0 on my Tidalforce S-750X. This particular S-750 has a very curved handlebar which gives you a very upright riding position. There's very little straight handlebar room to mount additional accessories. I had to squeeze the Cycle Analyst mount between the Tidalforce console and the stem mount.

In order from left to right: 
Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror
Ergon grip trimmed to fit
Twist grip front derailleur shifter
eBay $1 bike bell
Cateye cycling computer
Magicshine MJ-808 headlight
Stem mount
Cycle Analyst V2.0 from Grin Technology
Tidalforce Console
Tidalforce Thumb Throttle
Twist grip rear derailleur shifter
Ergon GP1-L grip.
Here's the view from the front.

I found a bit of room to mount my Magicshine M-808 700 lumen headlight under the bar as well. It's pretty crowded!

I don't know if I'll switch out the handlebar for the straighter one on my grey S-750 but so far, The straighter bar would allow for more items to be mounted. I like the curved bar so far so won't do it right away.

More later,

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