Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How can you tell visually if you have an X motor?

I took a close look at the motors that I have from Tidalforce to see if there were any obvious differences between them. I took a couple of pictures of the labels. See if you can tell the diff!

Here's the label on the standard 750 watt Tidalforce motor.

For comparison, here's the label on the 1000 watt or X version of the Tidalforce motor.

Hmmm, hard to tell the difference, no?

More later,


  1. Hi Ambrose,
    I've owned 2 motors. My original and now one and only was a true factory X and has a black letter X on a white background sticker next to the serial number bar code.
    The second started out as a non-X and had no external indication that it was upgraded (by LEVT) to an X model. Since it's purely a software change in the motor hub there's really no reliable way to tell just by looking at one.
    I see a little white sticker on the edge of the hub of your X pictured. It could be a misplaced "X" sticker?

  2. Hi Joe,

    That's great that you have a sticker on your X motor. I bought mine from E+ as they were closing up shop and wanted to clear out their old Tidalforce stock. I'm glad I did! That little white sticker is the reflective tape that I used to measure the RPMs of the motor shown in this video: http://youtu.be/dz8ICoD1tPU

    1. hi ambrose my tidal force has a letter -C- AFTER THE 122510 -1- does that mean that it is a canadian model? i noticed yours has an -A- after that number---thanks--john

      ps still looking for a battery charger i would appreciate any help and would gladly pay you for a
      jumper wire setup--thanks--john