Monday, May 21, 2012

A Summary of the Updates Done to "Red," the Tidalforce S-750 Electric Bike

I was adding the latest item to "Red," my Tidalforce S-750 bike I picked up on eBay back in December and was surprised at all the changes! In no particular order, here they are:

1) I replaced the dead front hub motor with one that I picked up from the seller of "Red." I did this by swapping out the inner battery core from the good battery to the dead one.

2) I replaced the working rear 750W Wavecrest Tidalforce motor with the higher performance 1000W X version  motor I picked up from the same eBay seller. The totally black Alex DM18 rim adds to the drama!

3) I added a Cycle Analyst meter from Grin Technologies to monitor the power usage and battery state of charge. It is by far, the best ebike meter on the planet. It's simple, straightforward, gives you more information than you'll ever need. It will let you know when things aren't right with your bike/battery. Worth every penny!

4) I added a new version Cane Creek Thudbuster LT to the bike. It significantly improves the ride of the hardtail Tidalforce. The action is as smooth as butter and there's no stiction so the response is immediate and completely smooth.

5) I added a Mirrycle rear view mirror to the left end of the handlebar. I don't feel right without this item on all of my bikes!

6) I added a double kickstand to the bike. This turns the bike into a very useful bike repair stand whenever it's down. I bought this one from Oatnet on, however, I don't believe he has them any more. The one I link to is from the same manufacturer, but it's adjustable, unlike the one I have here.

7) I added folding pedals to the cranks. This doesn't seem to be such a big deal, but it makes it MUCH easier to move bikes in and out of storage!

8) I added a $1 bicycle bell. It lets me warn others that I'm coming in my silent ebike!

9) I added a Magicshine MJ-808 bike light to the underside of the handlebars. This is one of the brightest, and smallest headlights available. The price is also fair.

10) I mounted the GoPro HD Hero 2 mount to the front strut of the Tidalforce bike. This position allows for wide panormic views of the scenery without being in the way.

11) I used a Velcro Velstrap to wrap up the large bundle of connectors near the rear motor. This will be one of my next projects for this bike. I've got too many bulky connectors near the rear motor and my foot hits this bundle when I'm riding.

12) I added a chainstay guard on the crank side of the bike. This prevents damage to the chainstay from the bike chain.

13) I added a Topeak MTX Explorer rack to the back of the bike! 

That's all for now! I love this bike and the smooth, silent, and effortless power it provides and enjoy riding it as much as I can. The (mostly) simple additions I've added to the Tidalforce ebike simply add to the enjoyment and safety of riding it!

More later,

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