Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saturday morning ride, I mean problems...

I went for a ride Saturday morning thinking that the rain had finally abated just for a little bit. It was great for about 8 miles then everything went haywire. I saw that my battery was dropping in voltage very quickly and that my speed was also dropping rapidly, but I couldn't possibly run out at less than 2AH, could it? When I pulled over to check my batteries, I spotted that parts of my pack were disconnected so I was only getting a few batteries worth of juice. As I was checking the battery, I noticed that the bike dropped in height a little bit. I thought the bike had shifted, but nothing seemed to be moving except for the height! I had a very strange flat tire. I wasn't moving and I didn't have any notion of any problems before this with the tire. Weird!

Anyway, here's the video. When I'm going full speed, I'm going around 36-38 miles per hour which feels really good! Be sure to watch in 720 HD!

More later,

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