Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wavecrest A Front Hub Battery

I received a dying front Wavecrest "A" hub battery today. My eventual goal is to replace the dying NiMH cells with LiPO packs of equivalent or greater amp hours. It's in excellent shape. I'll have more photos when I disassemble the hub.

The nice cast cover of the battery with the stylized "WC" I think!

Nice Alex Rim with eyelets.

The power data and charger cables and protector shell.

The tabbed skewer hole for the battery hub.

The Alexrims DM18 double walled 36 hole rim.

The data (L), power (C), and Recharge (R) ports.

Nice side shot of the rim from the non-cable side.

Nice shot of the hub from the cable side.

The part number and serial number (122507 A) Serial number 00366.

The "Made in France" label.

More later,

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