Monday, September 19, 2011

Tidalforce Wavecrest Front Hub Disassembly Part 2

With a hint from Narayan, I was able to drop the NiMH cells out of the hub/case and take a look at the entire battery/bms/holder. It's a beautifully made and engineered battery.

 The circuit board side.

The empty wheel.

The battery side.
 Model part number.

Month stamp.

 Year stamp.

Sharpie marked battery.

Hex head covered with silicone. Remove this with your fingernail to get to the hex head screw. There's another one opposite this one on the other side.

 Hub with tab

 Closeup of circuit board

 Closeup of circuit board

 Closeup of circuit board

The next challenge is to unsolder all of the connections to the NiMH cells so that I can separate the batteries from the BMS board. There are 8 big soldered connections.

I highlighted them with red tape!

More later,

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