Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DrainBrain Appreciation Month, Nov 2010

YPedal over at Endless-Sphere posted this notice:


Ebikes.ca's Justin Lemire-Elmore has posted a notice that November is DrainBrain appreciation month.

If you purchased a DrainBrain from Justin back in the 2005 time frame, then you are eligible to buy the latest Cycle Analyst from them for 50% off of the list price! The newest model is the Large Screen Cycle Analyst.

I've just placed my order! I bought my DB from Justin when he was still in college and had not started his ebikes.ca Grin Technologies company yet. In fact, he asked for some help in acquiring parts to make DBs since he didn't have the capitol to purchase the parts necessary. I helped him out and he help sold me two of his early production run of DrainBrains. He customized it for me by programming the eePROM to say: "Ambrose Special" when it powers up! I still have it and it has been extremely dependable and has taken a beating and keeps on ticking.

The new Large Screen Cycle Analyst model is quite elegant and seems to be built very ruggedly. It will have 6 cutouts for adding additional IO wires and it also has a 1/4"-20 mounting hole. This is the standard tripod mount that most cameras have. I already have a bike mount for a camera so mounting this will be very easy!


"Large Screen Cycle Analyst

It has been well over a year in the making, but we have at last our own custom enclosure molded for the large display screen Cycle Analyst. This means regular ebikers and not just large EVs can make use of the wider screen and font size, while only taking up a bit more real estate on the handlebar than the original CA.
Some other improvements we made:
  • Silicone Rubber Keypad. Left and Right push buttons have more responsive tactile feel
  • Glued and sealed scratch resistant window, clear visibility to backlight LCD screen without risk of water damage
  • Brass inserts in all screw holes - Open and close the CA as many times as you want without worry of stripping plastic threads
  • Mounting Options - In addition to a horizontal hold that fits our standard handlebar bracket, there is a 1/4" threaded insert to allow easy customized attachment schemes and compatibility with handlebar camera mounts
  • More cable ports - We now have 6 tapered channels in the back plate for feeding wires. So there is no problem adding additional cables for Lumenator lights, data logging circuits, throttle interceptors, DC converters, speedometer sensors and whatnot.
Sil_Button_TN (2K)Inserts_TN (6K)CA_LS_Back_TN (5K)

More when it arrives!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The best GoPro Hero HD video!

No, it's not mine, however, this is an incredibly fun video to watch and to listen to as well. It's a video of a BMX bike gathering in Aptos, California and it's called the "Post Office Bike Jam". The music is also terrific. The bike riders are incredibly agile and the video also shows off the incredible flexibility of the GoPro Hero HD camera. The slow motion sequences were shot in 720P at 60 fps. Enjoy!

more later,