Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Fluke 27 Multimeter from eBay

I was just cruising around eBay a few days ago and came upon a really great deal for a digital multimeter. The DMM I was using was fine except that it had tiny writing on the dial that I couldn't see very well. I also didn't like the fact that I misplaced it all the time. The one I bought is a Fluke 27. From the pictures and description, it looked very rugged as you would expect from a top name like Fluke and looked to be an autoranging dmm which I like since I don't like having to change the range on my current meter. The display was large and the dial was also very clear. There were only 4 buttons which I really didn't need to use so I was happy. Here's a picture.

Here's my old meter. A cheapie from China.

They look similar except for one thing!
The Fluke 27 is about 4 times bigger than the orange and blue cheapie! It truly is built like a tank and is water resistant and has an O ring seal to minimize dust and dirt contamination. It really is built extremely well. The used price was terrific, essentially the cost of a cheap clone. I'm very happy. I will never misplace this meter ever again!

More later,

Monday, August 2, 2010

DrainBrain Carbon Fibre Makeover

I've had my DrainBrain power meter from www.ebikes.ca for many years now on many different evehicles. It has been through a couple of crashes where it has busted the mount so I've used clear strapping tape to tape it to the handlebars and also Gorilla Tape as well as rubber bands. It looks awfully beat up. I've looked in vain for another case for it but was told to try some thick fake carbon fiber vinyl as a cover-up for the DB.

I just picked this up off of eBay for around $2.50 for a 9x12" self-adhesive piece shipped from Hong Kong. There are two kinds of vinayl carbon fiber: the black and white version and this black version. I ordered both and this black one looks a lot nicer.

It has a very nice 3D look and feel to it. Of course, CF is no where as supple as this vinyl look-alike is, but that's OK. It's only going to be used to cover up the DB!

Well, that's another item on my to-do list.

More later,