Friday, May 24, 2013

10,203 Watts from the Crystalyte HS3540!

I plugged in my Cycle Analyst into the Crystalyte sensorless controller and saw this! Understand that the bike wasn't moving, the motor wasn't spinning, the bike was sitting in front of me!

I posted this on Endless-Shere and got a note from Justin Lemire-Elmore about troubleshooting the problem. It seems that the APM connection on the Crystalyte controller may not be 100% compatible with the Cycle Analyst!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spoke nipple driver for cheap!

In trying to true my new Crystalyte wheel, I've read about a needed tool which can speed up the truing process.

A nipple driver. It's essentially a screwdriver with a rotating shaft and a bend in the bit that allows you to spin the handle and spin a spoke nipple on to the spoke.  These are typically very specialized tools that cost a fair amount ($30 or more!)

I was looking for a less expensive alternative and went to my local hardware store when I found it!

It's a Klein Tools Rapi-Driv©. The hardware store had it for $12.99! Much better than most bike shops want for a similar tool!

I ground down two of the sides down so that it fits in the slots of the nipples and a quick test shows that it works beautifully! It really makes building or truing a wheel very fast and easy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Puffed Ping Pouches Vs. Perfect Ping Pouches

I received the replacement pouches from David  yesterday and took a couple of quick pictures to show the difference between a puffed pouch and a normal pouch.

 Newer cells on the right. Puffy cells on the left.

Four puffy cells on the left are taller than 5 normal cells on the right.