Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Folding pedals

With the plethora of ebikes in my stable, I have a hard time moving them around and having them fit in as little space as possible. One easy way to gain just a bit more space and to make moving them around easier is to remove the fixed pedals from my bikes and replace them with folding pedals.

Each pair will save about 4 inches (roughly 10CM). It doesn't sound like much but with multiple bikes, it adds up quickly. The best part is that they slip past each other with less snagging of the pedals! These are particularly nice since they flip up or down without having to press any releases. They have pop into the pedaling position with a strong spring which helps the impression that they will stay open.

Clix QR Skewer

I've always been annoyed by the need to fiddle with quick release skewers. They needed to be unscrewed, carefully mounted in the fork and then with multiple clamps and unclamps with adjustments in between, quick release skewers seemed anything but quick!

I picked up a used Montague Clix QR which promises to make the quick release skewer live up to its name! I'll post a video if it seems worthwhile.