Wednesday, February 27, 2013 blown controller pictures

I recently purchased a bad controller from a clearance sale from Occasionally, they will post ads on to sell lots of returned or damaged components. They can range from bad motors to old model Cycle Analysts to bad controllers. I bought the 9 Continents motor and the Infineon 35A 48V controller then. I opened it up to take a look and it looks perfectly brand new! Of course, according to them, it doesn't work so I need to troubleshoot it and replace the bad FETs.

Friday, February 22, 2013 9 Continents motor and blown controller arrive!

I grabbed some more items from's post Xmas clearance of their damaged and returned items. Here are the Nine Continents 2805 or 12x5 motor partially mounted in a 20" rim and a 48v 35A AOT460 based controller with blown high side FETs. I had Adam at include 8 additional FETs and new cabling for the motor since the insulation and integrity of the motor may not be 100%. They packed the items well (as you can see) and it arrived in one piece.

I plan on fixing the cabling and moving the motor to a 26" rim and putting it on one of my Tidalforce M-750 frames to have a lighter folding setup to have in the trunk of my car for mid-day rides at work.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Delphi Metri-Pack 480 Connector Parts Arrive

I ordered some Delphi connectors for the Tidalforce bike battery upgrade projects I'm working on. These are pricey but very high quality. They have the extra bonus of being waterproof and they lock when mated. Two things that Anderson PowerPoles don't do!

Here are pics of all the parts.