Friday, October 29, 2010

Magicshine MJ-818 videos

I received my Magicshine MJ-818 from recently and had a few minutes to capture some video of it in my rec room. I'll get out and shoot some video of the bike with my taillight setup. There are three modes of operation. Steady on, steady blink and alternating bright and dim blinking. Here are the two more interesting modes.
Video number one is the steady blink mode:

Video number two is the alternating high and low blinking mode. Sorry about the focus issues, but you can still tell how bright it is:

My digital camera can't handle the intense brightness so it shows the two annoying rays above and below the light. Obviously, it's not that way in real life. It's just intensely bright. I'll have another video up soon showing the difference between it and the Planet Bike Superblinky light. The PBSb is .5 watts and the MJ-818 is 3 watts!

More later,

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