Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Member of the e-Bike Family!

I picked up the newest member of my ebike stable this evening. Over the weekend, an ad appeared in my local Craigslist selling a Tidalforce iO Beach Cruiser bike. I immediately emailed the seller and went over to visit him the very next day. I have loved the design of the iO for a very long time so was eager to pick the bike up. Peter (the seller) wasn't sure if the batteries were able to power the bike and the battery would not charge, so I brought over one of my Bosch Fat Pack batteries which were the right voltage (37V) for the bike and was able to not only run the motor, but also to give a kick charge to the NiMH front hub battery so that it too was able to take a charge and started working! After confirming that the motor still runs, I picked the bike up tonight. It's a bit dusty and the chain is very rusty, but otherwise seems to be in excellent shape. The iO was ridden on the very dusty C&O Canal along the Potomac River so showed lots of tan dust around the motor and battery hub. I plan on cleaning it up this weekend and taking more pictures! Here's the bike as it came home tonight.

The rest of the photos of the bike are on my Picasaweb album here:

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