Monday, October 10, 2011

Two front hubs with different configurations

When I started on the front hub battery replacement project, I had planned on just replacing the battery in the Tidalforce iO since that pack was starting to act flakey and not always be ready for riding when my wife and I were. However, after working on it a while and brainstorming, I realized that I could configure my other front hub battery for my S-750 so that the front hub battery would be half of a xxV pack. I could fit half the pack inside the hub and the other half either in the frame or below the downtube.

 The iO version would be 2S1P consisting of two Zippy Flightmax 5S 8000mAH packs for 37V 8AH.

 The S-750 version would be 4S1P consisting of 4 Zippy Flightmax 6S 8000mAH packs for 88.8V 8AH.

 The front hub on the S-750 would add some significant mass to the front wheel which feels very light and feathery now with the Bosch Fat Packs over the back wheel and making it top and back heavy.

More later,


  1. Hey Ambrose....I've got four original TF ebikes, & all are currently using the original NiMH front hubs. Though my range is only around 6 miles in "X".

    I've been reading your postings.

    I too bought a couple of the Zippy 18.5v/8ah batteries from Hobbyking, but have been using them on a few older 36v EVG ebikes. Work great. So, I've not used them on the TF bikes. But it is the plan. And I was even thinking of pairing a zippy 18.5v (5 cell) & a 22.2v (6 cell-40.7/46.2v) together & then parallel another set of the same to increase the voltage as close to 45v & 16ah. Which I understand is the max voltage for the TF hub.

    I'm liking your attempt to use the zippies in the front hub, as spending $950 to have LEVT do a rebuilt would get old. Plus it helps keeps some weight in the front for better balance.

    How's your project going?


  2. Hi Kit, I'm slowly beginning to match you in the number of TFs that I have. I just picked up 2 more and now have 4. Two of which have the TF motor/battery combination. I have much too much going on during this Holiday season so am pacing myself since it's way too cold to ride here in DC right now. I hope to have everything completed by Spring riding season!