Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ashima Airotor 160mm installed on rear with Avid BB5 disc caliper

I installed the Ashima Airotor on the Crystalyte HS3540 motor last night. You can't really see the gold center portion very well and it looks a bit undersized for the job. I think I'm going to purchase a 200-203mm rotor to see if that fits the motor a bit better. I will need an adapter for the Avid BB5 so that it will fit with the larger rotor.

here is the Avid BB5 installed without the rotor on the motor.

Here's the rotor and Avid BB5 mounted.

 Another angle of the Ashima Airotor 160mm with the gold center and the Avid BB5.


  1. BB5 have smaller size of pads compared to BB7. And this rotor also have smaller area than stock BB5 rotors. Does it affects for braking power?

  2. It does not affect it to any great degree that I can tell.