Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spoke nipple driver for cheap!

In trying to true my new Crystalyte wheel, I've read about a needed tool which can speed up the truing process.

A nipple driver. It's essentially a screwdriver with a rotating shaft and a bend in the bit that allows you to spin the handle and spin a spoke nipple on to the spoke.  These are typically very specialized tools that cost a fair amount ($30 or more!)

I was looking for a less expensive alternative and went to my local hardware store when I found it!

It's a Klein Tools Rapi-Driv©. The hardware store had it for $12.99! Much better than most bike shops want for a similar tool!

I ground down two of the sides down so that it fits in the slots of the nipples and a quick test shows that it works beautifully! It really makes building or truing a wheel very fast and easy!

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