Monday, June 3, 2019

New S-750X upgrade in the works

I was recently contacted by a former executive of Wavecrest Labs to do an upgrade/repair of their Tidalforce S-750X bike. He was interested in having his throttle repaired and upgrading the bike to a 20AH battery pack along with the Cycle Analyst SA and an Avid BB-7 front disc brake upgrade.

I have the bike and have started working on it.

Here's the bike as it was delivered. The front hub battery is dead. The throttle was busted. Everything else was quite beautiful!

Here are the parts I speced out for the upgrade boxed up! LOL.

In the box are a Topeak MTX rear rack, an MTX rear bag, the 16AH batteries. (HobbyKing was out of the 20AH batteries). The Cycle Analyst. What's missing is the Avid BB-7 disc brakes.

Here's what I've done so far.

The Cycle Analyst is mounted, the rear Topeak rack and bag are mounted, I've removed the wiring from the front fork. I've run the Cycle Analyst sensor/controller wire through the frame. 

I've also added the Delphi connectors to the Cycle Analyst shunt.

I'm having the original Alexrims G3000 front wheel converted from the hub wheel to a disc brake wheel so have bought an Shimano front disc hub and need to figure out the spoke lengths for it and buy them and lace them.

More as it happens.


  1. Hi this is Matin Behroozinia
    I do have a E+ electric bike and the battery is dead and I want to change the battery to li-ion would you help me through this path.
    except battery pack which parts do I need to change and how can I rewire the system

    1. Hi Matin, sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, it's near impossible to replace the E+ electric bike battery for any other kind. There is no override jumper available on the E+ bikes as there is for the Tidalforce bikes. Sorry.

  2. Looks great! I have a few questions about the battery sway out. A neighbour has a dead front hub battery pack and just replacing it with a new lithium pack elsewhere on the bike would be nice. Could you share any wiring details or was it just a case of connecting to the main power plug! Thanks for your help. Regards


    1. Hi Phil, see my post here: