Sunday, June 24, 2012

A123 20Ah Prismatics Arrived!

A big box from California arrived this morning very quietly at my front door.

The box was in good shape. JD's wife did a good job in repacking the box. Here are some pics.

The cells are packed in a very light semi-hard plastic trays and the A123's fit nicely into them. There are two per tray so the big box contained 7 trays. I measured each cell and the majority of them were at 3.308 or 3.309. A couple were slightly below that at around 3.298 or 3.290. Nothing significant, IMHO.

I stacked them up like pancakes and I marked each cell's voltage on the white paper label on the negative terminal/tab. Some of them were mysteriously marked 900mAh 3.7V as you can see in the top cell.

Some of the terminals/tabs were slightly bent and there was one with a small portion of the tab cut off, but otherwise, they were just fine. The foil pouches they are made of bend very easily so any deformity can be quickly and easily corrected.

I now need the JST-HX connectors I ordered to arrive so that I can hook them up to my Revolectrix Powerlab 8 charger to see how they perform.

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