Monday, June 18, 2012

Pics of the HP DPS-600PB Power Supplies

I got the power supplies in last week and so am posting some photographs here. They are not as large as I thought they would be. They measure about 12" long including the handle, 2.25" wide and about 3" tall. They aren't very noisy either.

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  1. I've one. I've chosen it because-
    1. Small and light
    2. Perfect for parallel running - no need for tuning the voltages so that they match. Connect the current share pins, and they share 50% load precisely (see below)
    3. You can make a 27V 1300W PSU small and light.
    You can make a 27V 2600W PSU small and light (if you wanted to - I prefer bigger and "fully optioned")
    4. You can later configure your 27V 2600W build for 48V for a little future proofing.
    Thanks, @Kingkinu from Ac Dc Adapter for HP