Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bought 14 A123 cells today!

Oatnet over on Endless-sphere and I had been talking for a couple of weeks about me buying some excess A123 cells from him. He had over ordered some and wanted to clear some inventory. I hadn't heard back from him for a while but yesterday, he let me know that he had posted his batteries on ES and was wondering if I was interested in them. He had separated out 14 cells which were not technically up to snuff for his taste and wanted to offer them at a lower price. I JUMPED at the opportunity to get these cells from him. They had various issues. First, there was one that was slightly lower in voltage than the others. Then there were 12 which measured okay but had some slight Teflon insulation issues which seemed to me to be more cosmetic than functional and lastly, there was one cell with a slightly misaligned tab. None of these issues seemed terribly critical to me (famous last words?) so I ordered them from him today. The total was for right around $310 including all shipping and fees! That's $22.15 per cell! As you may remember, I had figured that the optimum number of cells for my Tidalforce bikes would be around 46V so 13 cells would be optimum. 46/13=3.54v per cell which is a healthy number that Rick over at EVTV.ME recommends. He states that the lower high charge limit doesn't reduce the capacity by any significant number and increases longevity significantly. JD's sale thread is here: Jack Rickard's show on how to build an A123 pack.

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