Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two more major parts to go!

Now that I've picked up the front hub motor, the frame, the battery, all the major parts for the brakes, crank, derailleur (front and rear), and handle bar and seat, all I need are two more components. One is the front fork. I've got one that I'm bidding on in eBay. The other is the rear wheel which is proving challenging.

The rear wheel needs to hold a lot of weight. My weight plus the weight of a 20 lb battery pack, rear rack and the controller. I would guess about 30 lbs for the bike, 15 lbs for the front wheel/hub and 24 lbs for the battery and rack, plus my 170 lbs and my backpack and
it adds up to quite a bit of weight: almost 250 lbs!

I'm looking for a strong 26" double wall 36H rim with 12 gauge spokes and a Suntour cassette. These are not common!

If you know of any that would fit this description, please let me know!


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