Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Assembly started

I had a chance to bring the bike to my local bike shop (LBS) over the weekend to have the front headset and fork installed. I have to say that City Bikes of Chevy Chase is a very nice shop that has a great service bay. They have four techs there working full time and they were very nice to take my bike as soon as I walked in. Thanks guys!

Here's a picture of the bike on the first day of assembly. You can see the front hub motor mounted on the Surly Instigator front fork. I've got Schwalbe Big Apple 26" x 2.35" Balloonbike tires mounted front and rear. I couldn't quite inflate the rear tire because of the height of the double-wall rim. I haven't attached the brakes or the derailleurs either. I also need to mount the battery and connect up all the electronics. I did it quickly just to see how it would look. I think it looks kind of street ready!

More later.


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