Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You will be glad to know that I passed my certification test and am now a certified Project Management Professional.

After ordering all the parts for my eBike, I forgot to order one, well actually two things for my e-Ride. Tires! I have been reading about many different models but chose some very unusual tires. They're called "Schwalbe Big Apple" tires. They are 26" x 2.35" and are a new tire type called "Balloonbike" tires. They are very large and have a puncture resistant Kevlar belt. There is also a very thoughtful reflective strip built into the tire.

The reasoning behind this tire is that it has a very soft compliant ride. My eBike won't have a suspension front fork and is a hardtail. With all of the additional weight of the motor and batteries and myself, I thought that a bit of a softer ride would be beneficial.

I have to fix my eGO which needs some new brushes before I can focus on assembling my new ride. The first thing I need is to mount the headset and front fork to the frame.

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