Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booster packs have arrived!

After a two week wait, my Konion/Sony/Makita 18V booster packs have arrived from Canada. These added to my 37V packs should give me around 55V of voltage instead of the 48V that I have now with my Bosch Fat Packs and 12V SLA battery. I need to open them up to get to them. These packs are labelled Makita, however, they have the Sony/Konion cells inside. These packs are from a battery repair/return place and salvaged for their (hopefully) good cells inside. They are all fairly well used (if you can conclude anything by looking at their cases). All of them have issues. Either one or more of the cells in the packs are bad or the battery management system board (BMS) has gone bad. It's easy to find out. If each of the cells measures over 3V individually then, they are ok. If they are under 3V, then they have died. If all the cells test OK, then it's the BMS board. Simple!

I discovered that they are screwed to each other with Torx TR screws. The TR stands for tamper resistant. They have center pins in the middle of torx hole so that a normal Torx screwdriver won't work. The bit can't sink fully to engage the screw. I've just ordered a Torx TR set to open these up.

As you can see, they are considerably smaller than the Bosch Fat packs on the left. The Makita packs only contain 5 cells, I believe. I'll let you know once I open them up.

More later,

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