Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rain, rain again...

Well, it's been raining solidly for over a week here in DC... at least on work days. I was out sick yesterday with a sore throat and the weather today is gorgeous, but chilly. The temperature was 33° F this morning. That's less than 1° C! The thought of riding with a sore throat at that temperature just wasn't appealing so I bagged it for today. I'm waiting for my Bosch booster pack cells to arrive. The plan is to add 6 18V 13.2AH packs to my 6 37V 13.2AH pack for a total of 55V 13.2AH. That should give me a nice speed boost and also add to my range a bit. The 12V lead acid battery booster pack isn't giving me it's full 18AH of power so I run out at the most critical point near the end of my 13 mile commute. Hopefully this will give me all 13.2AH of power at 55V. I'll report back when I find out!

More later,

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