Friday, July 9, 2010

Near Future Plans

My Tidalforce S-750 build is now complete and fully up to speed, however, as with any engineering project, there are future upgrades that I plan to implement.

First item:
I have 10 Bosch Fat Packs, well actually 9 and 1 is a pack made from 20 Doctorbass recovered Sony/Konion 18650VT cells that I've assembled. It's actually quite small so the thought occurred to me fit the one BFP and one Doctorbass pack that I have into my rear Topeak bag so that I can have all the power that I need and minimize the voltage sag that I've experienced with my BFPs.

Second item:
I have received the GPS and will install it soon to verify my estimated 40 miles per hour top speed. Eventually, I plan to have it be powered from my BFPs.

Third item:
Tyler (a local bike enthusiast) has lent me 2 Meanwell 48V power supplies to modify. I need to acquire 3 or 4 1K 10 turn low power potentiometers so that I can turn the voltage down from the current 42V lower limit to something closer to 41.5V.

Fourth item:
Front headlight install. I would like to permanently install the two MagicShine MJ808 headlights to my bike and power it from the BFPs so that I don't have to worry about a separate battery pack for the headlights.

Fifth item:
I've purchased two more light bases and two more 300W utility bulbs to double the power of my LBD. That will stress the batteries more and reduce the amount of time necessary to test the pack. Right now at just over 300W at 72V, it takes about 3 hours to test the pack! I hope to reduce that significantly. The cost of the light sockets and bulbs was truly minimal at around $11.

Sixth, seventh, eighth items:
More as I can think of them! That's enough for now...


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