Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tektronix Oscilloscopes

In my travels, i've come across 2 Tektronix scopes on Craigslist and was lucky enough to pick them up for a song. The first for $75 and the second for free!

The first one is a Tek 465M model which was ruggedized for military purposes.

It's a bit dirty but should clean up well. It functions perfectly as far as I can tell and included 2 probes. The specs say that it's a 100MHz dual trace scope.

The second is a Tektronix 7704A scope that I picked up (Ugh) for free. It has a problem with the power supply which should be fun to track down and fix!

This scope is a beast and is built for a solid bench. It came with 5 modules. The spec sheet says that it's a 200MHz scope. I would guess that it's around 30 lbs. When you turn it on, the power supply ticks and does nothing else. The display supposedly works, but it doesn't do anything that I can see. The ticking is indicative of a bad capacitor on the power supply board. I will need to open it up and hope to see a burnt of misshapen cap. Wish me luck!


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