Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For Sale: My Tidalforce S-750 with 9C motor and Lyen 35A controller

Since I've purchased 2 Tidalforce bikes recently, I've realized that I need to sell my current ebike in order to have room to work on the two new bikes. So, I've decided to sell my favorite bike and power system.

Here's what I'm selling. I'm breaking into two separate group of items.

First, the bike:

  • Tidalforce S-750 frame 18" frame
  • e-BikeKit.com 9C motor with disc brake rotor (nominally rated at 500W)
  • Lyen's 9 FET 35A mini-controller
  • Manitou Trance DH fork
  • Bontrager front wheel with disc brake rotor
  • Avid BB-7 and BB-5 disc brakes
  • Topeak MTX disc brake compatible Expedition rear rack 
  • Schwalbe Big Apple 26x2.5" balloon tires
  • Shimano Tiagra 52T front crank
  • Planet Bike 2.5" rear fender
  • Kick stand
Then, the power system:
  • 8 Bosch Fat Packs batteries (72V 6AH or 37V 12AH)
  • 2 Bosch Fat Pack chargers (one for home, one for the office)
  • 1 Cycle Analyst SA
  • 1 Topeak MTX DX trunk bag
  • All necessary cabling to hook everything up both for charging and riding
Please contact me if you're interested.

ambroseliao AT gmail DOT com
(Replace the AT with the @ symbol and a "." for the DOT. Also, remove all spaces)

Tidalforce S-750 frame (18") with a Manitou Trance DH fork.

Lyen Edition Infineon 72V 35A 9 FET controller. 

9 Continents Rear Disc Brake Motor (500W nominal, but can do 2,000W with the Lyen Edition 9 FET 35A controller) 

 Bontrager front wheel with disc brake rotors and the Avid BB7 disc brakes.

What looks like scratches is actually Gorilla Tape residue, which is very challenging to remove!

8 Bosch Fat Pack 37V LiMN batteries, 2 Bosch Fat Pack chargers, 1 Cycle Analyst SA and all necessary cabling (not shown)

In this picture, you can see the Topeak MTX DX rear bag.

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